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R1DE is an high intensity indoor cycling studio, based in central Brighouse, where people come together to get fit, feel the beat and enjoy the ride. High energy, but low impact, R1DE offers a fun, effective workout on a bike. Whatever your level or ability, there is a R1DE to suit you from beginner through to serious road rider.

Come on in and be part of the movement.


Our classes run seven days a week, both virtually and in the studio. Each R1DE is set to a pumping soundtrack specially selected by our superstar instructors to guide you through the class. Simply clip in, feel the beat and watch those calories burn. Join as a member or pay as you go. Riding with us is easy and most of all fun, so get ready to sweat and become part of our community.






Superstar instructors

When we say superstar instructors, we mean it. Our instructors are the best in the business. Passionate, dedicated and incredibly knowledgeable, each instructor has their own style and are there to motivate you throughout your R1DE. Whether you’re looking for intense endurance training or a rave on a bike, there is a class and instructor for you.

Banging beats

Music feeds the soul and with our pumping soundtracks, you’re guaranteed to find yourself riding to the movement. Our sleek black studio, cool lighting, state of the art AV system, and banging beats will keep you motivated and get you in the mood to R1DE. Whether it’s R&B, indie or hard core trance that gets you peddling, we will bring you the latest beats as well as some old school anthems!

Cutting edge bikes

Newly serviced Keiser M3i bikes and performance technology take our classes to a whole new level. State-of-the-art bikes give you a comfortable, smooth R1DE while the technology will help you generate maximum power and results.  Incredibly easy to use, these bikes will ensure you get the most from your R1DE whether you’re a beginner or pro.




R1DE is a community. It’s where we all come together to relax and unwind. With themed classes and events throughout the year, you’ll want to be part of the movement.


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