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A R1DE with Clive and Katie

By February 27, 2024Uncategorized

Meet Clive and Katie Harris, one of our father and daughter duos, both of whom have been R1DE members since the early days.Recently retired, Clive is an active member of the Brods Cycling Club who regularly come and train at R1de when they’re not adventuring around the UK & Europe. As an Old Boy at the famous Old Brodleians RUFC, Clive enjoys watching all the teams play and fund raising, highlighting awareness for various charities. In September 2022, Clive and his mates rode 995 miles from Lands End to John O Groats and collectively raised over £37k for Cancer Research and Parkinson’s UK. It was Clive who encouraged Katie to come along to R1DE and the studio has never been quiet since. Katie loves keeping fit and also loves a good chat, which is just as well because she’s a hairdresser by trade! She’s a fabulous singer and loves to dance especially when fuelled with her favourite Prosecco!

Let’s find out why they choose to come to the studio together each week:

How long have you been at R1DE?

Both of us have been spinning with R1DE for about 6 years. Keeping fit is our main reason for spinning but a close second is to socialise.


What’s the biggest benefit / improvement you have gained from spinning?

K: Mine is definitely fitness, strength and more importantly, my mental health. After an hour in the studio, no matter what’s going on, you come out happier and things never seem as bad.

C: Keeps the weight off and the fitness up. Clears my heads and gets me out of the house!


What do you enjoy most about R1DE?

We both agreed it’s the good craic. It’s nice to see friends and train with like-minded people. We love to push ourselves and with the tech at R1DE we can see if we are improving, even if it’s only small margins.

What do you find the hardest about spinning?

K: Pushing a big gear is hard but I do like to be tested.

C: Hill sprints make me feel like I’ll be needing a new hip!


What advice would you give a new starter?

Wear ear muffs if you want a quiet spin and Katie is in the studio.

(Ed’s comment: Obviously Clive’s answer!)


Why is R1DE unique?

How many spin classes do you get regularly get shouted at but keep going back for more? We love it as it feels like a big family.


Favourite track?

K: Rhianna

C: Anything with a beat


Hills or sprints?

K: Sprints

C: Anything


For one night only, who would be your dream spin buddy?

K: Tom Hardy

C: Tom Pidcock


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