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A R1DE with Ingrid

By March 13, 2024Uncategorized

Ingrid is our gorgeous Irish Lass the with silky smooth cycling style. Since joining R1DE, Ingrid has made huge improvements to her fitness and performance at R1DE. One of the original members, she is a stalwart regular, alternating between early morning and evening sessions. By day Ingrid works in the Financial Service sector, loving nothing more than a spread sheet, and also enjoys travelling, wining, dining and leading our instructor Emma astray on a weekend! She also loves spending time with her daughter Heidi, who you will often see at R1DE, helping out behind the scenes.

Here’s what she said about R1DE:

How long have you been at R1DE? 

From the very start, I joined eight years ago when R1DE first opened. It took me a while to fall in love with it, but once I did, I was hooked. I was always nervous about tackling the different class types and styles but now I do them all, whether it’s a 30 min blast, an FTP or performance R1DE.

What’s been the biggest benefit/improvement you’ve found? 

Being able to exercise without injuries. I have a weak knee which I struggle to run on due to the high impact. Being on the bike massively reduces impact but still delivers the same cardio intensity.

What do you enjoy the most about R1DE?

The teamwork and encouragement. It’s a massive community where we all support each other to perform. I am at the lower end of the table, but have my own little pack where we push each other on the leader board

What do you find the hardest?

Power tracks. I’m built for speed.

What advice would you give a new starter?

Try it, you will love it. A fantastic workout with the best instructors.

Why is R1DE unique?

You’re focussed on your own goals and improvements, and the technology lets you see how your building your endurance and performing at a high intensity. Plus, there are sessions to suit all abilities.

What’s your favourite track to spin to?

Anything by Pete Tong or a good Dolly track.

Hills or sprints?

Sprints, I’ve even got the ‘fast spin legs’ trophy from past R1DE award ceremonies. As well as best dressed lol.

For one night only, who would be your dream spin buddy? 

David Beckham – who wouldn’t?

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