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A R1DE with Kate

By February 5, 2024Uncategorized

Kate Sparkes, or Sparkles as we like to know her, works as Human Resources Lead in a Financial Services Company. She is often seen at R1DE spinning with her sister Joanne, which if you don’t know them very well, can be quite confusing as they look very similar! Kate loves eating, drinking, travelling and getting lost in a good book!  In 2022 Kate ran the London Marathon and absolutely loved the experience but wouldn’t want to do it again!

How long have you been at R1DE?

I joined R1DE during Covid when everything ground to a halt. I thought I’d give my spin bike at home a whirl and got hooked from there.

What’s been the biggest benefit/improvement you found from R1DE? 

Spinning has improved my fitness levels and strengthened my running. A double spin helped in my marathon training.

What do you enjoy the most about R1DE?

Being committed to the classes and being motivated to push myself.

What do you find the hardest about indoor cycling? 

It never feels any easier!

What advice would you give a new starter? 

Commit, turn up, take part and enjoy, but don’t focus too much on the board and your stats.

Why is R1DE unique? 

It has a real community feel and great instructors.

What’s your favourite track to spin to? 

Anything with a good beat and lyric – 90’s house music.

Hills or Sprints? 

Definitely hills, I’m useless at sprinting!

For one night only, who would be your dream spin buddy? 

Think it would have to be a sporting icon – maybe David Beckham!

Thank you Kate, if you manage to get David to come to a class, we’re sure all the girls would be signed up!

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