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A R1DE with Lisa

By February 14, 2024Uncategorized

Lisa Brambani is our resident Olympian (and don’t we know about it)! Lisa was a competitive G.B. cyclist in the 80/90’s, four times National Road Race Champion, multiple GB Time Trial Champion, Commonwealth Games Silver medalist and Olympian at the 88 Seoul Games. Part of the heart and soul of R1DE, Lisa is incredibly passionate about cycling and her R1DE family.

We asked her a few questions about R1DE.

Why did you decide to join R1de?

I have always been fit and active in sport but when I turned 50 I found my metabolism changed and I needed to mix things up with something new. I have zero coordination which rules out a lot of exercise classes. I thought spinning sounded a good option, benefitting from high intensity without the harsh impact on the joints from running. I found R1DE by chance on a Google search. I’ve been riding with the gang since 2018.

What do you enjoy most about R1de?

So much but mainly the passion which comes from an independently owned studio. Unlike a class at a gym, the people who come to R1DE have specifically sort out a studio specialising in spinning. Everyone is committed, friendly and it’s like a community. The equipment is top class responsive and I love that it’s 45 minutes of exercise that you don’t have to think about. Just get on a bike and do as you are told.

What is the hardest part?

Getting there! Even as a hardened exercise pro, getting yourself out of the house is the hardest bit, especially in winter. But it’s so worth the effort, I always feel great an hour later.

Favourite spinning track?

I absolutely love all the 80’s remix tracks especially Donna Summer I Feel Love (Afrojack remix) always gets me going. Silent Nick Palladio just for the ending. So good.

Sprints or hills?

Neither. I love the endurance tracks, anything 5-20 mins 80-90 rpm are my favourite.

Advice you would give a new starter?

Don’t overthink it. It’s as hard or easy as you make it. Come along, there’s always a friendly face and no one will judge you.

Finally, for one night only, who would be your dream spinning buddy?

Got to be Dame Laura Kenny. I would love to see her come and casually beat all the men. But to be honest we’d probably be having a good chat about ballgowns and garden plants.

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