Spin enthusiast, turned instructor, Emma simply loves to whack on the pumping beats and get those pedals moving. As the co-founder of R1DE, you can expect plenty of passion and enthusiasm from Emma during her classes, whatever your level, as well as some full on R1DEs.

R1DE with Emma
Mon 18.00 (virtual and studio) and 19.15
Weds 17.30 (virtual and studio) and 18:45 (hour)
Sun 09.00 (virtual and studio)


If he’s not out running, cycling or swimming, you’ll find Nick in the spin studio. A qualified personal trainer, triathlete and swim coach, Nick loves to guide his classes through a varied, fun R1DE suitable for all ages and abilities. From sprints to seated climbs and plenty in between, Nick’s passion for cycling makes each R1DE a new cardio adventure.

R1DE with Nick
Thurs 18.00 (virtual and studio) and 19.15


A qualified personal trainer and avid spin instructor, Rob will bring the beats and the calorie burn to the studio. With his huge smile and bubbly personality, Rob’s sessions will have you cycling to some pumping tunes and pushing your fitness levels to new heights.

R1DE with Rob
Tues 18.00 (virtual and studio)


Fitness instructor Jenny turns up the tunes and turbo charges the legs with her energy-packed sessions. A keen cyclist, Jenny loves to keep her riders motivated and is a real advocate for great form on the bike.  

R1DE with Jenny
Tues 19.15

Sat 09.00 (virtual and studio)


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