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R1DE monthly membership

£40 a month

Up to 4 studio / online classes per week

Access to on-demand, all recorded classes

The first full period begins on the membership’s start date. 14 days notice before next billing date is required when cancelling. All class bookings are made online.


Pay as you R1DE

Pay as you go credits can be purchased for each class individually at £8 per session. The credit begins on the date of the first registration and is valid for 7 days.

All credits are required to be paid via Stripe (Online Credit/Debit Card Payments) only.


Pay as you R1DE 10

A block of 10 R1DES is also available for £70 and is valid for 10 weeks from the date of purchase.

All credits are required to be paid via Stripe (Online Credit/Debit Card Payments) only.




At R1DE we will have 20 Keiser M3i indoor cycling bikes. We ask that members wipe down and clean their own bike at the end of each class, ready for the next R1DE. We have cleaner and cloths inside the studio for everyone to use.

We also ask that Members listen to the bike set up instructions at the start of each class so the bikes are used properly and maintained to their high standard.

Cancelling a Class

A R1DE can be cancelled up to 4 hours before a class starts, this remains as a credit on the members account and can be re-used against another R1DE.

If a member cancels inside of this time period, this will still be counted against their membership usage limits and they will not receive a refund.

There is a nightly black out between 10 p.m.–7 a.m.

For example, our cancellation cut off is 4 hours before a class, so if the morning class is at 9am, members must cancel the night before by 8pm. This allows the four hours between 8pm-10pm (2 hours) and 7-9am (2 hours) before the class starts.

Waiting list spots do not expire during the nightly blackout period.

Waiting list

R1DE has 20 Keiser M3i bikes available in each class. Once a class is full, up to 10 R1DERs will be allocated to the waiting list for a studio class and there will be no limit on the virtual classes.

Members can add to the waiting list via the booking system. They can also remove themselves from the waiting list.

If a bike becomes available from the waiting list before 2 hours of the start of the class, the member is emailed and is registered for the class.

If a bike becomes available less than 2 hours of the start of the class, then they have to register within minutes of the spot opening or it will expire.

Keiser App

The Keiser app allows you to record your workout data from compatible Keiser M3i display via Bluetooth. Ideal to track your performance during and after workouts and post workout analysis, giving you a simple view of your day-to-day training.


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