Spin and be socialWhat does a class involve?

Just 45 minutes of exercise on a stationary bike set to a pumping soundtrack. Popular nationwide, indoor cycling is incredibly effective at helping you to lose weight and increase your stamina and endurance, getting you fit, quick!

Led by a highly experienced, specialist instructor, you’ll be guided through a class that will increase your heart rate and help tone your core and lower leg muscles (glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves) in a darkly lit studio. High intensity, but low impact, indoor cycling is fantastic for delivering results burning 500-800 calories per R1DE while protecting your joints.

There are no complicated dance moves or need for amazing coordination, just a number of simple positions; seated and standing climbs, hovers, jumps and sprints, all of which are set to the music. Our instructors will guide you up hills, on flat roads and through a series of challenges to ensure you get the best out of your workout, giving guidance for beginners or advanced riders.

Our bikes really are the best in town with 25 Keiser M3I bikes in our studio. Each one has a magnetic electronically controlled rear flywheel and a red gear lever that you can increase or decrease to mimic the feeling of cycling up or down hill.

Bike set up

Getting your bike in a safe and comfortable position is one of the first things to get right. Your instructor and the team at R1DE will ensure you know how to set up your bike and check your position before your ride. There are four simple adjustments to make, which will ensure you have a slight bend in your knee, that you are seated in the centre of the bike and that you’re pushing down with the ball of your foot.

RPM’s and gears

Each bike has a screen by the handlebars. The RPM’s on the top line are your speed or cadence. The second row down is the watts (power) you produce and calorie-burn. In the bottom left hand corner, your gears. The gear you work at is up to you, just move it up and down to create the right resistance as outlined by your instructor. Your gears will progress the fitter you get, giving you a workout that you can progress as you get stronger.

Getting comfy

Sometimes the saddle can feel uncomfortable on your bum! Don’t worry it’s normal. As your glutes strengthen and tone up, the feeling will go away or you can wear padded cycling shorts.

Drinking water

You’ll get sweaty in the studio, so make sure you have a large bottle of water to rehydrate. Drinking water before your ride, during and afterwards is really important for your body. A sweat towel will be needed to mop your brows!

Pace yourself

The beauty of indoor cycling is that you work at your own level. Whether beginner or advanced, you’re in control of your gears and resistance, so you can dictate how hard you work. Start off easy and work up. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Your muscles will adapt to the workout, giving you increased strength and speed as you progress. For your first few R1DES, simply sit down and pedal it through. We say that after 3 or 4 R1DES with us you’ll get into your rhythm and become as addicted as we are!

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